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Terms of use

Please read these terms carefully. Our photos may be used only in accordance with these terms. We have tried to keep them as brief as possible.
Websites - commercial and non-commercial

If you use a free image on a website, please place a text hyperlink on that website to photogiunio.net. This includes forums, blogs and networking sites such as MySpace. How to link to us.
Printed media, including newspapers and magazines

If you use an image in printed media, please credit photogiunio.net as the image source. This includes newspapers, magazines, newsletters and company literature.
School projects.

Images can be used freely in school projects. Video productions

If you use a free image in video productions, please credit photogiunio.net as the image source.
Other acceptable uses

* PowerPoint, Word and other end-user applications
* educational projects / teaching aids
* artist's reference
* greeting cards (personal use only)
* PhotoShop projects; images may be manipulated and changed.

Unacceptable use

You must not:

* offer the images for sale or distribution
* claim them as your own work
* use them on merchandise which you then sell, for example greeting cards, T-shirts, mugs and so on.

We have deliberately kept these terms brief. If you need any further clarification, please contact us. We are happy to clarify our terms for your specific project (please allow three working days for reply).

Free high quality photos from Italy
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